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blogPosted by Peter Fendrich Tuesday, January 20 2009 17:48:53
Well, I promised before new year but that was a little too early....
I actually have a new version. It is SMP and with some other changes.

It still is a little shaky though, so I will test it further a little while and then call for beta testers.
It should work with 4 threads but I am not sure what will happen with more than that. I don't have more cpu's in my computers!

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Posted by Peter Fendrich Sunday, February 24 2013 18:29:08

Hi Fransisca,

In fact your question is a FAQ...

I have no good answer. I don't want to promise anything at this point.

Actually I created a new chess program in the new programming language Google's Go but it's not a serious effort for a new chess program. It was just to see if the language is good enough.

I'm happy to see that people still use Alaric smiley

It was 2008 that I made the last real work with the engine.

Posted by Fransisca Saturday, February 23 2013 14:33:58

hi peter, i'm laughing read your NAQ (never asked question), it's funny , so i have question, do u still wanna develop this engine ??

u know .., i mainly use this engine to analyse some games.. ,it's good .

Posted by crazy Tuesday, May 29 2012 03:19:55

Still a great engine this. Please keep up the work.

Posted by Peter Fendrich Monday, March 01 2010 21:15:28

Hi Martin,

I lost all my motivation for this project...

I tried to keep it up by promising further work and a new release but it didn't help.

This happened before to me and I always came back to chess programming :-)

No promises but...

Posted by Martin Thoresen Wednesday, February 10 2010 19:34:51

Any updates for us?

This blog entry is over 1 year old now. :)

Posted by Fonzy Tuesday, October 06 2009 02:14:31

Hi Peter, Alaric is running some time now in my tours.( games: Together with GS books. Just wanted to let you know. Best Fonzy

Posted by Permanent Brain Tuesday, August 04 2009 18:34:44

Hi, is there any chance for the release of a new (mp) version? I always thought that your engine is among the most interesting new developements.