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Alaric's results

blogPosted by Peter Fendrich Monday, June 23 2008 23:52:02
I must say I am quite happy with the result in the World Rapid Computer Chess Championchip. Number 4 is even better than the year before and surrounded by multi-core programs make me feel even better smiley
Of course it is time to make Alaric multi-core as well but I wish I wasn't so lazy...

The new Rybka version seems to be better than ever before and just lost 1/2 points in 14 rounds - Wow!
Rybka.............. 13.5
Sjeng............... 10.0
Hiarcs8x........... 10.0
Alaric................ 9.5

For the whole list click here and remember that Alaric played with the handle "TerraPi"

I will give some comments to Alaric's games later if get some time.

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Posted by Peter Fendrich Thursday, July 03 2008 23:45:31

I'm working on it but the weather and nature is great here right now smiley

Posted by Permament Brain Tuesday, July 01 2008 01:19:32

Congratulations! :-)

I'm looking forward to an 80x release, but don't hurry.