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World Computer Rapid Chess Championships

blogPosted by Peter Fendrich Monday, April 07 2008 12:51:16

I look forward to the World Computer Rapid Chess Championships in June 21/22.

Hopefully I have a new version until then.
Did some minor changes to 707 sofar but I want to reduce the tree even more agressive.
Maybe it is possible, maybe not...

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Posted by bill harris Tuesday, May 06 2008 15:46:28

I hope you will add SMP support to Alaric (including P4 Hyper-threading). Bob Hyatt says it is better to just turn it off, but others say that the dual threads can really help, depending on the engine. While hyperthreading may not do much for Crafty, perhaps can help Alaric a great deal! Good luck, Peter, and thanks for all your great work.


Very nice to have winboard support, too. UCI just adds another layer of headache ...