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Alaric 707

blogPosted by Peter Fendrich Saturday, July 14 2007 13:00:24

Released Alaric 707 today. smiley

More at my hompage

Now I will have time to do my endgame things again!

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Posted by Peter Tuesday, July 17 2007 14:07:33

Thank you for the testing.

Actually I never played the winboard version against he uci-version but the search and evaluation are 100% the same so they should be at the same level. Of course there is a possibility that I missed something...

Posted by Permanent_Brain Monday, July 16 2007 18:59:16

Hi! :-) I have tested Alaric 707 in a methodical but short test which I run for some new engine releases, 80 blitz games total against 20 different opponents (the 'Blivorix'). My prediction is Fritz 8 level in blitz.

Since I run half of the test in Arena 1.1 and the other half in the Fritz 8 interface, I was testing the WinBoard version in Arena and the UCI version in Fritz. The performance difference was 100 Elo in 40 games each. But I think this is most probably a statistical uncertainty, or within margins of error. There were no technical problems whatsoever (Win98, AMD AthlonXP).

Congratulations, and thanks for your strong engine!