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This blog is describing the development of Alaric.

Winboard protocol

blogPosted by Peter Fendrich Tuesday, March 27 2007 21:59:20

The winboard protocol and the uci protocol does not work good together.

I have found it much more easy to extend from the uci to the winboard protocol than
extending from winboard to uci. I did the latter in Terra.

I have now support for most of the winboard functions available, including Analyze, st and sd that was not supported in version 0702b.

Anyway I find the uci version more convenient to work with.

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The bug

blogPosted by Peter Fendrich Sunday, December 03 2006 20:07:54

I have detected what made Alaric lose on time now and then.

Still there is a bug that hits sometimes. My latest finding is that there are an illegal move in the line down to where the bug comes,

Current tournaments:
Chesswar Look for Chesswar X E
Leo's Division 3

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Now again

blogPosted by Peter Fendrich Friday, December 01 2006 00:56:41

I am sorry to jump back and forth but now I have my blog in my own domain. smiley

My development log.
It should be called Dlog instead of Blog right...

Old Blog Archive: Mars 14, 2005 - December 13, 2005
Older Archive: December 13, 2005 - November 13, 2006
Even older: December 2003 - Mars 14 2005

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